Mother’s day

What is mother’s day? I thought it was to honor the memory or be with your mother. Thats not the case anymore. Grown kids are to busy, dont care, wrote you out of their lives. My son is a good man, he literally takes care of his family without my help at all. My daughter is just evil and wont let me near my grandchildren. One step daughter will say hi occasionally on Facebook. I live with my other step daughter and we barely speak. She, her wife and mother in law are all spending the day together. No i wasnt invited or even told where they were going, but i guess that really doesnt matter now. I feel so alone in a house full of people all the time. I think i am ready for a lifestyle change very soon.

My life is such a mess

Hi everyone, i am just a 61 year old divorced lady who has the craziest life and thought i would share. I got up and had to go for job retraining, i am a bartender, now almost 2 years ago i had relationship with owner, his daughter now is manager and i enjoy the people. I went in and he told her he didnt think i could last because he has a new girlfriend and didnt want me in a cat fight,! Ok…#1 i am dating the greatest sweetest man ever, i call him my teddy bear, he treats me like a lady should be, puts my wants and needs 1st, so i would never want to get back with bar owner. His idea of a good time is sitting in bar and watching tv. So …i didnt go back to work, i was very sweet and kind when i text the bar owner, who is a total jerk, i wished him luck and love. It was actually a relief because i had one daye with him while i am seeing the teddy bear in my life. It just amazes me how men can string you along and break your heart and movd on with no consequences. I went to casino and lost all my money till 3rd of next month, i came home and went to bed, i live with a lady who rents a room to me and her children are always coming over, i love them all but i am such a quiet by myself person. My heart did break a little but it has been broken so many times i am just used to it, do anyone have an opinion on any of this